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Mack, you are such a jellybish.
by famousrg January 09, 2013
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"Amy was so passive aggressive about my haircut yesterday, what a jellybish." Christina chortled while getting her French tips put on.
by Not a squirell March 07, 2015
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I'm been rocking these very stylish hippo purple snorkel goggles at the beach, getting lots of compliments from the boys and shit. My girl Becky all ignoring me cause she ain't getting alllll this attention. She a 'JellyBish'.

I see you staring at my corn fritters hoe! Get ya own! Ya 'JellyBish!'.

Yeah that's my new scrappy-doo coloring book, you 'JellyBish'?

Stop talking to Boneplug, that's my man 'JellyBishhh'
by Jason Drov February 26, 2015
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