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A joint mixed with marijuana; opium; heroin; methadome; and a sprinkle of angel dust (PCP).
You guys need to just chill out and take a hit of this jeffery!
by jeff34545 July 01, 2010
An asshole. Thats all there is to it. An attention whore. He super stupid for a supposedly smart guy.
man don't be such a Jeffery, the girls are leaving.
1) An assshole who cheats on girls and breaks their hearts
2) A guy who is seemingly nice but will do anything to get in a girl's pants.
3) Fresh Fish.
1) girl: Jeffery left me for a girl he cheated on me with
2)girl1: I thought he was nice

girl2: yeah, well he's a jeffery
3)prison inmate: you hear about the fresh fish, Jeffery?
by HisKittyForInfinity January 03, 2010
When you are high and act like a woman's clit or guy's dick is a blunt. You must then tell your partner to "Stroke the Furry Wall"
Cody: Yeah, last night, I gave Jordan a Jeffery.

Sam: Dude, You're bad! Kill yourself!
by Applaude the Jellyfish September 24, 2011
To be horrible at all sports, football, rugby and baseball. Tries to put on a tough facade and shadow box but cant fight there way out of a wet paper bag, dirtiest sanchez mustache in the game. Only bryanas are attracted to these folk and Jefferys are also known for being a huge vagina.
wow that guy is a raging jeffery, that jeffery wont leave me alone, wow that jeffery has to use a towel to inflict pain
by KingloCrippla June 05, 2011
A lesbian
Someone who likes girls and is a girl.
One who likes the company of only girls.
The basketball team is full of jefferys.
Why are you being a jeffery.
Look at that jeffery staring at you.
You look cute today, no jeffery.
by El MLA September 01, 2010
A giraffe look a like, commonly found in the gym enjoying a protein shake. Associatted with "ohh my god", "whereve you been all my life" and more often than not "youve changed".
Enjoys splashing around dollar, and commonly known with exaggerations such as "spent a grand" etc.
Boy1 :"lost 20k in the casino last night"
Boy2 :"stop being such a jeffery"
by giraffe keeper April 07, 2010