A super joint concoction including:

• Weed mostly
• Opium
• Heroin
• Crushed up E
• Clorox
• Morphine
• Some of it's unidentifiable
• And a bit of Angel dust
When the world slips you a Jeffery, stroke a furry wall.
by Goodgold1987 June 14, 2010
A joint mixed with marijuana; opium; heroin; methadome; and a sprinkle of angel dust (PCP).
You guys need to just chill out and take a hit of this jeffery!
by jeff34545 July 01, 2010
A slag term used for cocaine also known as just jeff
That's a ton of jeffery...
She did a ton of jeff last night...
by 40 year old virgin January 08, 2006
An asshole. Thats all there is to it. An attention whore. He super stupid for a supposedly smart guy.
man don't be such a Jeffery, the girls are leaving.
A lesbian
Someone who likes girls and is a girl.
One who likes the company of only girls.
The basketball team is full of jefferys.
Why are you being a jeffery.
Look at that jeffery staring at you.
You look cute today, no jeffery.
by El MLA September 01, 2010
When you are high and act like a woman's clit or guy's dick is a blunt. You must then tell your partner to "Stroke the Furry Wall"
Cody: Yeah, last night, I gave Jordan a Jeffery.

Sam: Dude, You're bad! Kill yourself!
by Applaude the Jellyfish September 24, 2011
1) An assshole who cheats on girls and breaks their hearts
2) A guy who is seemingly nice but will do anything to get in a girl's pants.
3) Fresh Fish.
1) girl: Jeffery left me for a girl he cheated on me with
2)girl1: I thought he was nice

girl2: yeah, well he's a jeffery
3)prison inmate: you hear about the fresh fish, Jeffery?
by HisKittyForInfinity January 03, 2010

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