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1) another way to use the exclamation Jesus spelt differently but pronunced the same.

2) NOT the son of God, this word is useful to use because it doesn't offend Christians because it has a different spelling and a different meaning to our Lord Jesus Christ.

3) what i say when i'm really pissed off or surprised at something
1) JEEZUZ! Look at that!

2) Child: "Jeezuz was the son of God."
Teacher: "No he wasn't, Jesus was the son of God"


*deliberate use of 'crist' so as not to offend anyone at all...arent i nice*
a wonderful streak of good luck ending with horrible bad luck.
that looks like good coffee! *finds $5 on the floor pays for coffee and spills it..*JEEZUZ!
by supasam104 January 28, 2009
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