Top Definition
A typo on AIM
no particular use
just a fun way to mess with your friends!!!
BHF44: Oh my jeex!!

JHG455: what the fuck?
by Hunter Bishop February 23, 2008
Word used when describing a really old spring roll.
Ew, this Jeex is disgusting it tastes like feet!
by Nicool January 29, 2008
the name of a created player for NHL 97 on nintendo, a defenceman on Harv Powless's toronto maple leafs team. After seeing this, Jon Garlow of Six Nations asked to use that name as his stage name. Since then Jeex aka Jon Garlow has come to be known as Jeex by all. Jeex the producer for TruRez Crew. Jeex Video productions, Jeex the aboriginal hip hop artist.
"hey jeex whats up" "Presenting 2 time award winning hiphop artist Jeex" .. Jeex .. Jon Jeex ..
by unable September 23, 2006
to eat lots of chocolate
I jeexed all day yesterday....
by kevin federko November 30, 2003

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