a close group of friends
Ender's jeesh was kidnapped
by Aaron Wallower April 17, 2006
Top Definition
Jeesh means army. The confusion is in the pronunciation. If you pronounce it like it is spelled in English, then it does indeed mean "piss". However the correct way to say it is more like "jay-eesh".
Petra was part of Enders jeesh.
by Lensmannn June 19, 2006
adjective expressing shock, surprise, or irritation. Is a mix of the words "jeez" and "sheesh".
Jeesh you make no sense!
by lynn23 January 31, 2011
to be precise, "jeesh" means "pee" in farsi (aka Persian)

for piss, look up shosh
I really have to go jeesh right now as I am writing this and it says I need 20 letters so here you go.
by the Zad November 27, 2004
A racial slur said by the Irish to attack whitey.
I'm never calling you guys that again, JEESH!
by Ryanface57 April 12, 2011
means "piss" in Farsi.
any fagnificent man you know.
I took a jeesh on your face.
That dude with the cutoff jean vest is totally Jeesh.
by beff February 15, 2004

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