Twins from Ireland that would make ideal range targets due to their "unique" hair and dance style. Both seem incapable of singing in time and tune as well as an obvious mental disorder which is shown through their smug facial expressions and the fact they beleived they could become succesfull in the first place. In a nutshell, go for the headshot and put them (and us) out of our misery.
Person 1: "Fucking hell, are those twats still in it?"
Person 2: "Yeah, how much would you love to watch Jedward FAIL!"
by Jedwards' dad December 09, 2009
the combination of the john and edward the irish joke contestants on x factor, these two have faces u want to smack, there is no way of describing how much normal people hate them. the reason they are in is because some irish twat named louis walsh relised they have v same accent as him and put them through, most people were releved when simon cowell hated them saying they were awful, that is until when lucie jones and jedward were in the bottom 2, with 2 votes sending jedward home and only 1 for lucie, simon could have sent jedward home (hopefully never to be seen again), but somehow he decided to take it to a public vote, we all know what happened after

why he did it remains a mystery, some people think he was doing it for the ratings and getting more money, others think he felt she was threatening his acts chances, we will never know, all we know is they are both twats.

why people are voting for them is also a mystery, origanaly most people did it to piss off simon, but now that is not the case, so i hope u people see sense and kick there twatish faces out as soon as possible

and remember, if they win wtf would be their winning single
person1: jedward are twats
person2: i agree, they have faces u want to smack don't u think
person1: ye
person3: ye they are twats, i wanted lucie to win but thats not going 2 happen because of them
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) November 16, 2009
the combination name of John and Edward, two irish joke contestants of the X factor 2009. no words can describe the absolute hatred and loathing the viewer feels as soon as their little smiley twatish faces are seen on saturday/sunday night. they remain to exist in the competition because biased irish prick of a judge Louis Walsh noticed their familiar accents and said that they "have potential", but the reason they remain in the competition is a mystery, whether its if people like listnening to classic Queen songs get murdered by these talentless gimps or its good ol' fashioned desire to see them crushed as they get further and further into the competition before failing at the end, i dont know
person 1 :"you know who i really want to Knock the fuck out?"
person 2 :"dunno, Jedward?"
person 1 :"yeah they're twats"
by Yaksik November 05, 2009
the name for two people who are gay and like to try and sing, prefrebly irish they try to act cool for everyone, but because of this they end up trying to be killed, loved by lou walsh anyone wanting to be a jedward can be bummed by the man
"ure such a jedward"
by werid child 123f December 07, 2009

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