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An alternate spelling to Jed. More commonly used as a nickname (as an abbreviation of a longer name).
Nobody messes with Jedd.
by John McManiac July 15, 2006
49 13
Jedd is the definition of a sex god, he is the most amazing person you will ever meet and will treat you the right way, usually very muscly and sexy he get alot of offers but will not settle for anything less then perfect.
Jedd is sexy
by sexgoodJ December 09, 2012
39 6
the act of cutting ones jedd off
dude i cut my jedd off
by tom croke February 05, 2003
18 41
short for jedd parikh, he kows how to pleasure his mother.
you jedd, was your mum any good las nite?
by KRIS :P July 12, 2004
17 45