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The act in which a normal, casual conversation becomes an awkward and uncomfortable exchange of rambling, incoherent, or "creepy" ideology. Often brought on by an uninvited third party.
Dave was talking to his mother when Jason came along and Jbrowned everything into a discussion about mad cow disease and the World Bank.
#common #misspelling #jay brown #ref #stahled
by D Stahled April 09, 2008
Verb Def1. To truely satisfy a woman woman suxualy. def2 The act of extreamly satisfying three women at the same time. Def3 The act of using a realy long penis to satisfy a woman beyond her wildest dreams. def3 The oppisit of stahled.
Tina, Robin, and margret were jbrowned by jason.
#jbrowned #stahled #stud #magic #pleasure #extream sex
by JakerRivers November 07, 2009
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