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When a girl is laying down, and you fuck her unexpectedly.
Lift her legs up, and pound her.
"Omg. Nigga, I seriously jbared Rebecca last night until she screamed!"
by ILYRAYE November 27, 2008
jbars is the name you give somebody if they are really really good at being the coolest. A Jbars likes classic rock music generally and is also a fan of the hit television show "The Office". He should have wildly unruly hair and a face to match it. So, in general, Jbars is a boss.
Dude, Jbars is the man!
by Jbars fan June 16, 2011
A Joint.
Hey guys i rolled this J bar for us tonight!
by smokeadinosaur January 02, 2011
non splif style joint.
"twist up a j-bar, i need to get stoned."
by M "H" H March 02, 2007
True meaning unknown as of yet but it must suck to be one.
Quit being such a j bar
by Hue Blackwell June 29, 2008
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