1 a sarcastic way of saying someone is over doing it. like they dressed way up. but your not offended if someone calls you out on it cause if your jazzy they juss hatin.

2 one piece of clothing or jewlery that throws off your outfit.

3 when you stand out more than you friends while just going to the park
1 yo you extra jazzy like, where you get that outfit from? (they juss wanna go cop it)

2 now you know you need ta take off that jazzy ass hair pin lmao.

3 damn girl, who you get all jazzed up for? im scared of you. OR one friend might say, "walk me home so i can get jazzed up.
by Jiggy'Ma May 17, 2007
1 Dark chocolate squares covered in millions (tiny little sweets). They're called snowies if they're white milk chocolate.
2 Someone who is always looking extra spectacular.
3 Another name for Tinky Winky from the teletubbies.
Example for 1

Tony Blair: George, can you gimme some more jazzies pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. Thnx.

Example for 2

Gwen Stefani: Hey Akon, wtf Christina MIlian is really fukin pissin me off. She thinks she's a jazzie!
Akon: wow she is!!!!!!

Example for 3:

Toddler 1: Yay! Yay! Teletubbies is on!!!! Wo ha!
Toddler 2: My favourites La la! Wat about yours?
Toddler 1: Jazzie! Jazzie! JAzzie! Jazzie!
by Evrythingztaken March 30, 2007
A non-derogatory name for a group of girls, unlike bitches and hoes.
David: Hey bro, you wanna go to a party tonite?
Nathan: Are there gunna be any jazzies?
David: hell yea. a crapload of them.
Nathan: Right on then.
by remairwaldo December 10, 2008
Cool, slick, smooth. Always a ladies man.
The guy who has no fear when sharking his pray. He's smooth as Jazz music. There for Jazzy.
by Mr. Jazzy December 15, 2013
Jazzy: another word for groovy
Susi was feeling jazzy as she had just bought a double scoop, rainbow sherbert icecream!
by Lynnn February 17, 2006
A word that non-musicians, specifically non-jazz playing musicians use to describe anything from 7th chords to a song without lyrics. It may not be the the intent to come across obnoxious saying bluesy or jazzy but now you know it kind of is exactly that- to a jazz purist.
Yeah I play guitar too. I love those jazzy bluesy chords/ licks. Or Oh you're into jazz? You should check out (enter rock band name). They sound kind of bluesy jazzy sometimes.
by RealJazz December 29, 2015
stimulating, appealing (possibly related to jazz something up)
That furniture is so jazzy.
by Light Joker March 29, 2005
Jazzyjay or jazzy is the person who made the world so i am god
jazzy stoped your wife from being raped
by jazzyjaykillz June 02, 2015
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