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An awesome chick with a hot bod(especially her ass);cute face, nice rack, always looks great. Also very smart and has tactic in every move she makes. Awesome girlfriend, awesome friend, awesome all around.
That chick is the best, a total Jazzmin
by Jeepers Peeperss November 15, 2009
Although their name implies someone who is wild and crazy, Jazzmins are first seen as shy, quiet, and sweet. However, once you get to know a Jazzmin, the wild and crazy comes out along with talent and determination in everything they do. They are usually very good friends and have an awesome sense of humor.
"There goes another Jazzmin"

"oh the quiet one?"
"Nahh dude, the insane one"
by Charlotttttte April 28, 2013
A somewhat short girl some people might see her as a total nerd loser and insecure but she doesn't care at all her friends are the nicest people she's an good girlfriend but it's hard for her to Express her feelings and she's a really nice person
Omg look at her she's such a nerd but she looks nice she must be a Jazzmin
by H0M357UCK3R June 11, 2015
Usualy a short girl with a nice ass and small boobs.Not the best girl friend you could have, but a fun person to be around.
that asian chick is a total Jazzmin.
by joey spoldow May 02, 2009

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