1. To partake in some kind of sexual activity, as in a Kurt Vonnegut novel.

2. To perform dangerous, high-speed, or otherwise extreme activities while listening to free-form jazz. Result: absolute euphoria.
1: I have a lot of homework to work on tonight...but I would much rather be jazzing some broad at a party.

2: Would you care to go jazz-boating this weekend? It's a sport where high-society freeform jazz meets Jackass, in which one swings from a pole on a speeding boat by a rope attached to the ankle while listening to Ornette Coleman through Sony MDR-XB700 headphones.
by TheHumbug January 10, 2012
Top Definition
To have some kind of sexual behavior.
Quote form a Kurt Vonnegut novel: 'I am sure looking forward to jazzing a high-class dame like you under the twin moons of mars. You're the only kind of dame I never had, and I'll bet your kind is the greatest. Love and kisses for a starter. Mal.
by soyroca March 31, 2010
To jack off to jazz music
My roommate went into his room, pumped some sweet jazz, and was jazzing off all night.
by bravs November 14, 2014
Jizzing, butt in a more homosexual way
Jordan Taylor was jazzing in his room
by PyroTyrone January 05, 2014
another word for cummin
i like jazzing on girls faces. hahaha
by greg dowse May 03, 2007
Jazzing, in the late-1800s-early 1900s in the United States, used to be popular slang for sex.
Absolutely no Jazzing in the Champagne Room.
by Four-20 November 15, 2015
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