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1. To partake in some kind of sexual activity, as in a Kurt Vonnegut novel.

2. To perform dangerous, high-speed, or otherwise extreme activities while listening to free-form jazz. Result: absolute euphoria.
1: I have a lot of homework to work on tonight...but I would much rather be jazzing some broad at a party.

2: Would you care to go jazz-boating this weekend? It's a sport where high-society freeform jazz meets Jackass, in which one swings from a pole on a speeding boat by a rope attached to the ankle while listening to Ornette Coleman through Sony MDR-XB700 headphones.
by TheHumbug January 10, 2012
To have some kind of sexual behavior.
Quote form a Kurt Vonnegut novel: 'I am sure looking forward to jazzing a high-class dame like you under the twin moons of mars. You're the only kind of dame I never had, and I'll bet your kind is the greatest. Love and kisses for a starter. Mal.
by soyroca March 31, 2010
To say merp many many times, and to make cat noises while playing Super Smash Bros.
Person 1: Hey Jacob, you should really stop jazzing right now.
Jacob: Why? It's fun?
Person 1: Because it sounds like a robot saying umm.
by Badass Panda Mountain Range July 28, 2014
Jizzing, butt in a more homosexual way
Jordan Taylor was jazzing in his room
by PyroTyrone January 05, 2014
another word for cummin
i like jazzing on girls faces. hahaha
by greg dowse May 03, 2007