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noun, Big fuck off testicles

adj, Jazzappling/Jazzapple - to teabag someone to Jazz Music or play jazz music using your balls.

(Also the name of a type of apple)
"Fuck off Jonny or i'll put my fucking Jazz Apples in your mouth."

"Seriously Jonny! I will Jazzapple your eyelids if you dont get your jazz apples out of my face."

"Holy shit Mark...That guy must have some serious jazz apples to fuck around with that guy."

"Nobody knows this...but Miles Davis...King of Jazzappling. Fo real."
by Babu Baloo August 30, 2011
Ladies breasts, normally of a more modest size that can be easily held in the hand.
Shane: Have you seen the new girl in the projects department?
Jamie: You mean Becky? She's got lovely pert tits.
Shane: You're right, a lovely pair of jazz apples.
by manxman69 July 14, 2015

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