Slang for cocaine.
"Jazz" is most commonly used in the fashion industry.
Fashionistas use the term casually among themselves.
Kate was caught doing jazz
by The Shambolic December 29, 2006
slang term for cocaine gaining it's origin from the use of the drug by early american jazz musicians
I just scored an eight of jazz man.
by the bishop don macdonald July 13, 2006
The sound of a group of virtuoso musicians getting together and jacking off to themselves.
Miles Davis: Hey, I don't know how to actually make people feel things then I play my trumpet, but I know my scales really well and I like to hear myself play them. I guess I'll become a jazz musician. That'll give me some cred.
by Jazzsucksdonkeyballs December 01, 2009
Slang term with slight racial undertones, meaning to take what is not yours.
Yo, that fool jazzed my beers.
by William B. November 20, 2006
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