An amazing girl, the bestest friend you could ever have in the world, and the greatest thing that could ever happen in your life. If you have a Jazlyn then you are truly blessed.
Jazlyn He finally asked me out!
Emily Well it took him long enough!
by emayer10 October 25, 2011
A simple loving girl , who no matter can be bitchy . She is Brooklyn bound loves all types of music . Tough lough , story of her life .
softball playing flirtatious hard to understand but fun to figure out niggas in the club as "where is jazlyn" people in school say "uhoh here comes jazlyn"
by niggaaadontt worryy July 17, 2009
This girl is so adorable. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She very good at basically anything she does. She is usually quiet, but when you know her well enough she becomes energetic and funny. If you have a friend named jazlyn dont let her leave because she is a very rare friend to have, but that of a good one. She is an animal lover. She likes to have alot of friends not just 3 best friends. She is a great athlete, espically in dance and gymnastics. She always lightens the mood of everyone around her because of her cute and adorable smile. You can trust her with anything, espically keeping a huge secret of yours. Plus she is so honest all the time, its hard for her to lie! When you have a Jazlyn in your life its sure to be one of the best.
Jazlyn is the best.
by amazingdude December 27, 2013
A socially awkward girl often referred to as a "wifi-dependant hobbit". Go easy on her, getting out of bed this morning was much harder than it should've been. Don't be offended if you feel ignored by her, she probably thinks you hate her. And don't call her Jazzy as it will ensure that she never speaks to you again.
Person: "Woah, Jazlyn, we haven't spoken for ages!"
Jazlyn: "Excuse me, I must return to the shire."
Name that defines whining, tree humping, cat licking hippies who like to dance in there underwear while eating fudgcicles in front of keisha.
by HAHiadhsjfgrsighwjres September 21, 2008

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