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Literally, a Jewish-Nazi.

1. The ultimate insult you use when you have no other comeback, occasionally used to admit defeat.
2. Used as to say that the person it is being said about isn't smart enough to realize that what they're doing is hypocritical.
"You're mother is so fat, she saw a school bus full of white people and shouted "STOP THAT TWINKIE!!!"

"Well... you're... you're... YOU'RE A JAZI!!!
#jewish nazi #contradict #insult #nazi #jew
by Nova Universita Orda September 20, 2010
A Jewish person who is acting in a mean way, therefore possessing traits of a Nazi. Pronounced "Jott-see."

(Like Nazi with a J)

Young kid: Shut up you Jazi.
#jewish nazi #nazi #jotsee #jew #jazzi
by FPS James February 08, 2007
The correct term for a jewish nazi. best used after calling someone a chigger for opptimum offensiveness.
pronounced (ja-tsi) like adding a replacing the N with a J in nazi
Man, Mark was such a chigger jazi durring the war.
#jewish #jew #nazi #chigger #chines #nigger #nigga
by Michael Henry April 02, 2006
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