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Jaylyn is from the greek meaning "sexual prowress". They are usually sweet natured and always are taking care of others. They love to dance and be in the spot light. Flirty in nature, they can sometimes be taken wrong. They are shy around new people when they're young, but they eventually blossom into the social butterfly they were always meant to be. They don't hold back their thoughts, they are usually the ones that will tell you the truth even if it will hurt your feelings, but it's because they love you. Beware you can mess with these people a few times nd get away with it, but after a while, they WILL blow up at you!
by Jay Dizzy February 04, 2010
Jaylyn means beautiful jay bird. Jaylyn is an uncommon first name for women. you might describe Jaylyn as a(n) "strong" person. Jaylyn is Level-Headed and Trustworthy He's a natural leader, and people respect him. He will never give up, and will succeed... even if it takes a hundred tries. Great at giving other people advice. The best at everything ... strives for perfection. He's confident, authoritative, and aggressive. Jaylyn has a free spirit, and resents anyone who tries to fence him in. He is very unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising. He may miss out by not settling down, but is too busy having fun to care. He' relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.
He's light hearted and accepting. Jaylyn doesn't get worked up easily. He may understand the world better than most people. Has a very active imagination, often gets carried away with thoughts.
I love Jaylyn he is the best friend I could have
by m16969 October 16, 2010
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