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Crab walking around naked with a hard on while singing the Jaws theme song.
My girl was playing hide and seek the pussy, so I pulled a Jaws on her.
by fresh201 October 30, 2011
12 6
the fleshy outer lips
She got her some BIG JAWS on'at pussy!
by ninon March 28, 2006
7 4
Acronym for Just at Work
She is JAW
He is JAW goofing off
by EStarr August 27, 2009
14 12
A boy who has an abnormally large jaw
Look out! Jaws is coming!
by flmnm83 December 14, 2010
8 11
A guy who bites a girls lip while hooking up
Harrison went Jaws on Claudia.
by Unknown26347788 November 30, 2007
19 25
Off the coast of Hawaii, it is the sickest surf spot in the world, where only the best of the best surfers go to. Waves are usually around 20+.
"Dude, lets go to Jaws!"

"Hell no bro, I think I'm gunna pussy out on this one"
by surfdude90210 July 09, 2005
34 41
A really big shark that swims in the sea somewhere in America.
If you see him, you are Fucked.
If he is that big though he must be hung. (He's got a big dick dumbass)
I shit my pants whenever i go swimming.
by GirlSkater January 31, 2004
30 37