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Jaunx is the #1 created slang word.
With no exact definition, Jaunx relies on the context and tone in which it is used and so impossible to understand if you don't know how to use (or jaunx) it right.
It is the only word that can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, adverb and conjunction.
It's origins are unknown but it's pronounced with a soft "x."

Once you got a full understanding, jaunx's perfection is undeniable.
WoO WoO pull ova that jaunx is too fat!!
D-Block: You tryin to go to the bar?
Weez: I'm jaunxed man, I'm probably jaunx later though
(tired) (go out)

Yo-Berg: are you jaunxin any jaunx?
(holdin) (bud)
Dopeman: yeah, i'll hit you up

Mr. Vag: that bitch looks so jaunxed!
(like a fatty skank)
PooPoo: fuck that, I'll definitely jaunx that ass.
by Jdazzle onetime December 04, 2007
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Everything a man holds near and dear.
that girl was all up on muh jaunx.
by Mike's neat August 24, 2007

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