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1. The one random brown guy at the party that seems very relaxed and fulfills non of the average sterotypes but will joke with them to you.
Jon: Hey is Jaspal coming tonight?

Sam: Of course, he's to chill to miss it but he does run on Indian standard time.

-Jaspal walks in on time- Jaspal: How's it going?
by desolate_death August 11, 2009
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the guy who is such a wanna be that he will learn everything about a modern superstar. He also believes he is a man and that he can do anything!!! LOL!!! OMG!
Random guy: "Hows it going?"
Jaspal: "I got all of the Drake CDs!
Random guy: "Cool... Bye."
Jaspal: "Now I am going to become just like him!"
Jaspal: "TMI!"
by Roop ;) April 22, 2012

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