The abiltiy to predict percentages of occurring things, sometimes magically from thin air, and have them become fact. Also, facts and sayings are backed up "unnamed" freinds who can either be reached by phone but are never actually dialed, or who have first hand knowledge. The first hand knowledge people have names that no one in the group receivcing the Jasonism has ever heard of.

Also followers of Jasonism hoarde cell phones in packs.

*note* also may have the ability to read a POPZ mind.
70% of the kids in school believe we should bring back flag team groupies.

thats a jasonism

I just went to the mall and everyone on earth shops at PacSun.
Jasonism, hands down

There are at least 9 openly happy people at the high school.
by vilefileman November 23, 2010
Top Definition
The religion of all religions. Jasonism includes all religions within it's hold. Everyone is a follower of Jasonsim. If you believe in something, you're a follower, simple as that. It is named after it's great creator, "Jason"
"Hey, what do you believe in?"
"You are a follower of Jasonism; you believe in the concept of nothing"

I am a follower of Jasonism.
by aaaaayum (Jason) December 07, 2008
a condition brought on by over exposure to Jason

symptoms include:

overly theatrical performances during social interactions
A god like complex
swelling of the head
and finally everone around you may begin to appear inferior
patient "doctor I can't help but despair at the human race for not being as amazing as I am"
doctor "well I think you have a minor case of jasonism"
by bubbles7612 May 19, 2009
The belief in Magic as defined by millions of High School intellectuals.
John: "How was the Earth formed?"
Jason: "Magic."
John: "Isn't that Jasonism?"
Jason: "No, it's the truth."
by Xairu February 27, 2009
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