Top Definition
1.) Awesome, Hardcore
2.) Probably the heaviest bassist ever to live
Did you see that guy explode into a million pieces? That was Jasonic fer sure!
by Paul Revitero December 19, 2009
the state of being/emotion that is jasonic: feeling or looking awesome, fresh, or swag. synonyms include: quirky, radical, maniacal, wise, happy, optimistic, motivated, and thousands of others. antonyms include: serious, sad, uncool, depressed, anxious, and Jared.
I feel so Jasonic today, you can suck my nuts.
by Jasonic K. November 21, 2011
word to decribe a funny happening
Trites: you're dumb
Bryan: That was jasonics
by kcikass October 05, 2010
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