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The absolute utmost perfect girl in existence. Beautiful in every way, completely flawless. Possessing the most beautiful deep brown eyes that you could get lost in for a countless amount of time, the overwhelming sensation you get just hearing her voice is indescribable. To be with her is the most rewarding feeling you can possibly have, she'll give you knots in your throat, butterflies in your stomach, and clammy hands. A world without her, isn't a world worth living in.
Jasmyne, my "Atheist Angel"
by Addykins17 April 10, 2011
A unique girl . She loves to laugh and smile. She's not afraid to act completely crazy with her friends. She can be moody . She's the type of girl who can give you a headache one day and a smile the next. She's protective over what/who she loves and doesn't easily give up on what she wants. She's friendly , pretty , and a little childish , but all the same , still loveable. Jasmyne is someone who does things her own way (that's usually out of the ordinary!). She's definantly irreplaceable and unforgetable.
"Wow. Jasmyne just left me in awe"
by Ordinary Boy in Love November 24, 2011
A given female name. A varied form of Jasmine.
Jasmyne is a bright child.
by ArmyWife09 March 31, 2009
another name for an ogre
yea jasmyne over there? she is an ogre
by troll11234567867543456789 August 29, 2011
someone every one has been close with. is usually some form of black whether hair is black or skin is black. has really weird toes, they are flattened. also cannot bake for his or her life. tries to hard looks wise-always looking like they are going to a party, but never actually goes to parties. also does not hang out a lot and needs to get out, or get a life. also most jasmynes know an awesome person whos name begins with a k. most jasmynes are bullies and harass their friends..sadly this is why jasmynes have no friends<3
why are you being such a jasmyne?! BITCHHH
by mhuahuahuauha April 04, 2011

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