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This is a very cool and different name and is a very cute, lovable, and funny has many friends and has great potential in life. If you are a Jarek don't change you are amazing the way you are
Man Jarek is a stud
#jif #jarek #funny #cool #awesome
by Jifman February 04, 2010
prononounced YAH-reck is a Polish or Czech name. It is a short form of a slavic first name Jarosław (also spelled as Yaroslav or Jaroslav). It is an uncommon name, composed from the elements 'jar' meaning strong or powerful and 'slav' meaning glory or fame. Alternative meaning of the name is "beauty of spring".
Jarek is a great guy!
#jarek #jareck #jarosław #yaroslav #jaroslav
by luckyjarek February 05, 2010
A person who you know will take your girl and not give her back
Damn watch you girl that's a Jarek
#jared #jarekd #jaredg #jarred #jareked
by Jags be June 11, 2015
To suck penis.
"Dude my girlfriend totally jareked me last night"
#blow job #balls #penis #shaft #jarek
by Chad Halpin April 27, 2010
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