A guy who has it all. Great personality, wity, charming, incredible looks and smart. Perfect compassionate lover with the know how to make you feel your best. Has an ego burried deep inside. Very sensitive and doesnt know just how great he is. Always thinking he is not enough. Bashful at first but once you get to know him, he turns into the coolest and funniest person you will ever meet. Can be very jealous but extremly cute when he is. The most perfect, wanted, and needed guy.
I miss my Jared dodd.
by his.girl93 May 07, 2013
The most caring guy ever. He has gorgeous green eyes, and has a passion for music. He even writes his own music, and it it amazing. He is extremely loving, but has very low self-esteem. If you love him, in time he will surely love you back.
I'm in love with Jared

Ohmigod, he is a total Jared!
by Rayne-Boh January 16, 2012
Young, metrosexual man usually associated with sports such as Water Polo and Gymnastics. Has a perfect posture and excels at sport.
That guy is such a Jared!
by pseudonym12312 July 27, 2012
A person you can count on to bring Alize to a party.
Do we have any Alize? No, but Jared should be here soon.
by fastwalker June 09, 2011
A reluctant sword smith, women tend to trip over their tongues as he passes by. usually reviled by other males for having mythical penis girth. Usually compared to god like figures such as Zeus and Thor.

one of the greatest Jared's was delivered to planet earth in 1975 via non earth like space craft - is also allergic to Kryptonite.
probably the best all round rooter in the solar system, women have been known to gush uncontrollably and pass out at the mere sight of his powerful index and middle fingers - so he wears ski gloves in public - or hand prosthesis.
Once pointed at chuck Norris and Barry Dawson in a pub and told them to leave, Barry ran, Chuck fell to his knees and orgasmed uncontrollably - he wasn't wearing any gloves that day.

Everyone should nickname their penis Jared.
Fuck! I thought he was at the fortress of solitude! I better leave town, I heard he wants to fuck my wife and sister!

"Jared" I thought HE was the god of thunder, maybe he's Thor's Grandfather?
by Rooster 00027 May 28, 2011
Jareds are skittish. They normally play drums and are very strong and cute. They get upset easily, but that's okay if you can handle him. If you fall in love with a Jared, BEWARE: They are heartbreakers
Girl 1: Wow, Jared is so cute...
Girl 2: Yeah He blew up at me through text last night..
Girl 3: Who cares! Look at them abs!!!
by Princess_BlondieBaby December 01, 2012
Ditching your bros for a girl.
I hate to pull a Jared man, but she wants to go to the medieval fair.
by ballistic_balls March 23, 2012
Jared is a very caring guy but can get angry real quick but would never hurt a girl he'd only protect her, he's a Capricorn. He's has a very big heart. His smile could brighten up anyone's day. You'll fall inlove at first sight just like I did. His jokes are corny but always make you laugh. He put in so much effort into a relationship because he cares he would never let you down. He's charming, smart, funny, sweet, cute, sexy, he's everything You would ever wanted! Everybody may not see how perfect he is but boy do I see it. The sex is great ! Especially with Capricorns ! All I can say is that you'll never go wrong with Jared . Jared is a prize winner that is willing to happen. You may live far away but not that far cause your so worth waiting for.
Jared is the best damn thing that has ever walked on this plant
by Unknown Beauty December 08, 2013

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