A guy who has it all. Great personality, wity, charming, incredible looks and smart. Perfect compassionate lover with the know how to make you feel your best. Has an ego burried deep inside. Very sensitive and doesnt know just how great he is. Always thinking he is not enough. Bashful at first but once you get to know him, he turns into the coolest and funniest person you will ever meet. Can be very jealous but extremly cute when he is. The most perfect, wanted, and needed guy.
I miss my Jared dodd.
by his.girl93 May 07, 2013
Full of charm, knows right things to say, knows right things to do, is very aware, manipulator, egotistic, loves children, can be amazing in bed with teaching. A man that will own & then destroy your heart leaving you to wonder wtf just happened? History of repeating.
He pulled a Jared. That's Jared!
by brknfarytale February 02, 2010
Jared is the name of the most amazing person alive. Most likely the name of a great saxophone player. The sound of his voice makes my heart glow and his eyes are as deep as the sea with many meanings. I could see into them forever and get lost in his eyes and forget everything around me but him. Just one smile from Jared and my heart beats a bajallion times. The touch of his hand sends electric shocks through my heart and i need to tell myself to breathe. When I see him i feel fearless. I feel alive. I feel special. Most of all, i feel loved. I love you <3 :D
I love Jared<3
by SamiLeigh13 September 21, 2011
Squad leader and Guide. Wise and publicly professional, yet secretly wild with intent to party. Chick magnet and very driven individual. One of a kind for sure.
Jared= Oorah! Bottoms up, beer down. Helloooo NURSE!
by Jared90 February 03, 2010
the most amazing person alive
aka: kind heart, sweet smile, strong morals, quick wit, funny in his own way, puts family first, works hard, plays harder, makes everyone around him feel special, cares more for others than himself, and loves unconditionally
Jared, the man of my dreams

i wish you were more like Jared
by briwos3 June 16, 2011
a person who is slightly random and on occasion cray but all around flippin awesome. Someone you know will be there when it counts.
Oh my word, you are SOO Jared
by Lfcangel9 February 18, 2010
Tall, awesomely cute guy. Who knows how to be sensitive and sweet, but he also knows how to be a man. He is addicted to video games. He loves to make videos and film things. He can be laid back and hes very shy. His curly hair is amazing and his dark brown eyes are pretty. He has the best voice. hes the best boyfriend one could ever have. girls tend to leave their boyfriends for him. Hes quiet, sometimes so much that its annoying. But hes easy to love. he knows many people despite his quietness.
i just spent the whole day with Jared and we went shopping, hes such a nice guy
by shortstuff54 February 11, 2010
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