A guy who has it all. Great personality, wity, charming, incredible looks and smart. Perfect compassionate lover with the know how to make you feel your best. Has an ego burried deep inside. Very sensitive and doesnt know just how great he is. Always thinking he is not enough. Bashful at first but once you get to know him, he turns into the coolest and funniest person you will ever meet. Can be very jealous but extremly cute when he is. The most perfect, wanted, and needed guy.
I miss my Jared dodd.
by his.girl93 May 07, 2013
the act of messing with or fucking up someone's Myspace/Facebook/etc. profile without their permission. You can jared someone's profile by adding lame interests, changing their default picture to David Hasselhoff, or changing their 'about me' section to reflect a homosexual lifestyle.
Example of jared :

"I'm sick of getting my profile jared-ed every time I forget to sign out!"

"I spent four hours last night jared-ing her profile."
by Larongitis December 07, 2008
To completely kill everyone in the room's buzz by being totally negative and against everyone else.
Wow, that Jared completely ruined the party.

No, I couldn't have fun last night, i was with a Jared

Bald Headed FUCK!
by buttsexman1234 February 04, 2010
One who humps legs until the point of ejaculation
"My boyfriend pulled a Jared last night; needless to say he got my sheets all wet and I still got nothing out of it."
by Gerch December 04, 2007
A total fucking dick head who pisses everyone off and everyone hates,they are usually orange and gay,act hard like a chav ! Usually is a chav,takes drugs too and makes fun of people who haven't lost their virginity,usually suck cock.
Jared : Haw Haw your a wee dick mate haw haw
Person : Go suck your mums left titty fag
Jared : I'm running away (Runs away crying)
by PastResignationsofaghandi May 23, 2010
a person lacking directional skills. jared's commonly lose in fights with their girlfriends because she is clearly stronger. but its alright that he is weak because they are extremely cute and perfect boyfriends =]
make your own examples to fit your own jared.
by c.elle<3 December 23, 2008
The definition of true racism.
Jared: "I hate those damn sand ni**ers."
by sugar_58_ August 30, 2008
(verb) the swift concentrated motion of any elongated object back and forth, in and out of the mouth. While jareding, the person tends to use the hands, with the assistance of saliva, in order to keep a steady pace and safe motion going. Jareding is commonly brought up in gay men, due to their tendencies to suck on each others penis's.
Mr. O'Brien bragged openly: "I jared the best, and I hate leaving messes! I always make sure to finish it off"

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