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A beautiful strong woman; the most intelligent girl youll meet; a girl that can go through the worst things and still put the biggest smile on your face;the most AMAZING girlfriend youll have in your life, honestly;never in the world will you find something as special, youll love every moment you spend with her. Most AMAZING girl youll ever meet, her smile will make your day and her eyes make guys wish on starrs for her to be single but shes not so fuck you. Ha ha bigggest weirdo youll meet, a little quirky like her name, but youll learn to love that in her. never take her for granted and shell be yours to keep... Shes one in a billion and youll never regret being wit her and once shes in your heart you cant get her out...keep her close to your heart cuz shell do it good.
Guy one: "I really need a Jaqui."
Guy two: "Back off my girl bittchhh!"
#beautiful #jacqui #jackie #jacqueline #amazing #girflriend #loveable #beastly
by skankalicious12112 April 20, 2009
A smart, beautiful and talented woman. You can't count on her and will never leave your side. A faithful friend and the most amazing lover you'll ever have. Sensuality emits out of every move she makes with her perfect body. Her lips will make you crave for more of her kisses. If you get on her bad out.
Who is that sexy ass talented photographer?

#smart #sexy #photography #love #woman
by Janukua February 02, 2010
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