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1.The act of playing your guitar for your baby girl after sex, no matter how bad it sounds

2. The act of ejaculating in less than 45 seconds
Guy1: Hey i totally had sex with my girl friend yesterday

Guy2: That's awesome, did you use the japer?

Guy1: o hell no, i'm not a giant faggot.
by Geneseofarmplow1! May 02, 2009
From the noun 'to jape', as in, 'to joke.'

1. One who enjoys the japes.

2. An expert in the art of japing.
1. Ollie said he's going for a bath, but we all know that he's really going for a wank. What a japer.

2. Did you see the Dark Knight yet? Heath Ledger, what a japer.
by TheJaper July 27, 2009
A person who will go to extraordinary lengths to gain advantage at board games
Dude, did you see that unreal Bingo that he laid down at Scrabble
last night?. He's a fuckin' japer.
by KenE. March 04, 2009
noun: a disgustingly fat adolescent who drinks starbucks and throws up when smelling something bad. reads poetry and hides his emotions behind misfits shirts and black pants.
"wow look at that kid over there, hes really fat, drinking starbucks, wearing a misfits shirt and black pants, and reading poetry"

"what a japer!"
by MuRpL July 29, 2004
A fat kid who goes to starbucks and sips on his coffee while listening to emo.
Jp Quine

"Bro, lets go down to that rad place Starbucks and get a coffee and write poetry. Then we could be a Japer too!"
by Joe Nelly July 09, 2004
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