Oriental fighting based on martial arts either in movies or in real life where someone gets right proper slapped.
Someone just got jap slapped.
Did you see that good jap slap movie.
#fighting #karate #martial arts #kung fu #jap
by Ken & Hotty May 07, 2006
When backhand some bitch for pissing you off and the knuckle marks and laugh at them when they are on the ground crying like a little child
Ali fighting anyone of his opponents
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
its a very light backhand slap to the forehead..

this causes ones eyes to squint briefly --like a jap or chink.

its more to get their attention than to punish..
when the ole lady gets things backwards once again-

a quik jap slap sometimes gets her to focus on the issue..
#noggin knocker #pussy slap #fine adjustment tool #head thump #attention getter
by hunky December 24, 2006
Flip-flops or thongs. The Japanese wear these a lot and when you walk they slap your foot.
I can't go to the beach until I find my jap slaps.
#jap #flip-flop #beach #footwear #thong
by the jap slap dude May 01, 2008
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