Karate chop. 1. The angle of the chop suggests slanted eyes, 2. Karate is stereotypically all Asians ' martial art, 3. Classifying all Asians as Japanese
Peter stepped on my shoe so I caught him with a jap slap to the head.
by Colt W December 03, 2014
A quick, compact baseball swing popularized by Japanese big leaguers such as Ichiro Suzuki, So Taguchi, Akinori Iwamura, amongst others.

Most effective with a left handed batting style, the jap-slap has become popular with Hispanic and American Major Leaguers such as Juan Pierre and Brett Gardner.
Akinori just put the ball in play, jap-slap it if you have to.
by FRICK TICK June 02, 2011
The action taken to punish a person for a silly or stupid mistake, often in a playful manner. The name derives from asking the unaware victim to place his or her thumbs on the outer corners of the eyes and stretching the eyes to simulate an Asian appearance. Then the slap can be adminstered without a flinch diverting the blow.
I Jap-slapped my brother when he admitted to my new wife that we had a stripper at my bachelor's party.
by Ron Ziniel December 27, 2005
To slap someone so hard they become slant eyed.
Back off my food before I jap slap you.
by kmac_1313 August 17, 2004
To slap a man in the testicles, crippling them for hours.
Fraser : Why did you japslap me
Lidia : You annoyed me
by SirReem January 27, 2012
The "Jap Slap", as it has come to be called, is a constant. The Jap Slap IS, WAS, and ALWAYS SHALL BE. the Jap Slap, as most generally described, is the instinctual need to palm-hand someone. The name Jap Slap came to be right after the second world war. The world came to appreciate the Jap Slap as a fine art mastered by the Japanese.
-Your friend is telling crappy Chuck Norris jokes and has been for the last half hour. After putting up with his idiocy for this long a sudden blinding fit of rage comes over you and you "Jap Slap" him.
by DBLF December 29, 2010
Flipflops. Nicknamed JapSlaps because Jewish-American-Princess's wear them and they slap their feet.
Come shopping with me! We can get new solos and jap slaps!
by KatyaMamadjanian August 09, 2006
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