Janneke, is a crazy funny beautyful girl i love her she is family and i think my best friend. she knows everything about me, and i know everything about here. This one is for you janneke. If you ever feel down than read this and you will instantly smile i love you <3
Guy:Hey you saw that beautiful girl over there?
guys friend:Yes that's janneke she is pretty awesome.
by coco prishilla April 06, 2013
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A beautiful girl whose smile can light up the room. She will get the most loveliest boyfriend and take immense precaution of their relationship. A Janneke will get hurt but will always retaliate stronger than ever.
"I really wish I could find a girl like Janneke"
"She has a boyfriend, of couse"
by ZoSMURF September 25, 2011
A yucky thing that gets stuck to the roof of your mouth
That peanut butter used to be good, but now it's just a Janneke.
by Quouar March 09, 2009

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