jang is the effect of mdma
"i just had a pill and 2 mdma caps, i'm fuckin jangin!"
"i need some more jang" "that guy is jangin off his head"
by LT_smash March 09, 2009
A verb. To jang. Can be used in place of many verbs. Most commonly describes idle time spent doing nothing in particular, but really works for just about anything.
What did you do today?
Ohh you know, just janged around.

Jang that spatula in the drawer.

He janged all over her face.

by jizzabojang January 04, 2009
A penis working in action.

It is used as a verb in a sentence.
That girl was biting on my Jang so I slapped her
by Atrain3020 December 19, 2010
Typically a shortened version of Janglies.
Can, however, be used in place of any other word, either to describe, insult, or casually greet (a friend). It is particularly versatile and has a number of other uses as well.

Often used to refer, somewhat light-heartedly to something as Crappy when suffixed with "y", for example.
"That movie had pretty jangy acting."
"You stupid janger. What in the hell's wrong with you?"
"Heyyy Jangface, what's happening?"
by Aweschompy October 11, 2007
a rare style / life philosophy of music which blends soul, real funk and hip hop. it has its own language; janguage, and encompasses and appeals to all of the senses at once.
very few bands can pull this style off.
see - kid confucius
sydney australia
in life - "you best check yo jang - sucka, you're likely to shade all groove, mm hm."

in music - "jaaaaang man; jang."
by ced March 05, 2004
Janging: fucking
King Jang: King of Fucks
you want some drowski bro?
naw kid, imma be jangin this hoe i picked up yestaday on lemon st. all night, i wanna remember this shit
by $K-Rich$ November 15, 2007
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