Any object or person that is strange and unusual, and can not be described any other way.
"Oh my god that guy has a purple 1965 dodge, with gold fenders, that is so jang!"
by Maidenak May 22, 2004
Another word for jam.
"For lunch today I have peanut butter and jang."
#jam #jelly #food #peanut butter #jaing
by AndreaBa November 08, 2007
Verb; to ejaculate, cum, splooge.
Noun; equivalent of jizz, spunk, jizm, semn, sperm.
- Verb-
Barry " Did you jang on that bitch's face or what kid?"

Joe "Nah, but I shot a hot one down her gullet."
by Neo June 15, 2003
is GQ to the max

aka. jonathan ang
DAYAM..that male super model is such a jang!
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
Way of saying someone is or acts gay. However meant to replace negative use of Gay.
"Creed is really Jang"
by Tim69 May 16, 2005
An over-exaggerated stereotypically spanish way of saying "Man". Often mentioned when someone is making a really over-the-top impression of Antonio Banderas.
"I jon't Jow What Joo are Jalking ajout JANG!"
by Simon Vega January 06, 2003
The most offensive word you can use to describe someone of Filipino descent.
Man, Kevin is such a fuckin' Jang.
by I'm very sorry October 18, 2015
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