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First, this is the greatest spelling of Janeen, and the name it's self holds a feeling of profound respect for someone or something; "the fear of God"; most commonly given to a woman, Janeen's are beauties to behold, taking your breath away, yet breath into you a new live, intelligence, CREATIVITY, Beautiful and faithfulness are all in the person holding this name. a beloved person with a life of giving to be released on the world around her.
love Janeen smart fun giving beauty faith God
by Niner's February 03, 2010
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Janeen is an angel . She appears at the most unexpected time with her heart of gold and changes your whole life around with just her smile . She is funny , witty , and she knows how to.make your heart feel.right at home. She is an amazing mother and she puts everyone else before her in everything. She's got the most beautiful brown eyes, and soft skin. She has the best sense of humor , the kind.that doesn't laugh at others but only with others. She is beautiful from the inside out . The favorite part of her day is making yours .

Janeen has the best booty.

She'd make the best lover because of her passion for others.

She's an angel
by Music Boy April 25, 2013
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An awesome name for a girl, that has multiple spellings, but this one is spelled phonetically correctly.
My name is Janeen. Whats yours?
by beanie_neenie April 19, 2009
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Janeen is a pimp. Super cool and shiieeeet. Janeen's are also alpha as fuck
swag #based, #mama, #queenofswag, #hotasshit, #yol0, pimp, bootyqueen Janeen is swag
by fagdoeswagdoe March 05, 2013
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