Top Definition
Cool, Awesome, or Shiny.
The Dark Knight was so JAMPER!

My future is so JAMPER, I need sunglasses
by Austin "Bobbito" Cruz December 07, 2008
The horrible combination of denim jeans and pampers diapers.
Time to change that baby, he just shit his Jampers.
by Mrs. A-Dub July 11, 2010
An alternative word for jumper, most commonly found as the result of one to many jazz flutes
Whilst attending a drag race, young Christoper requested:

Neil, can you pass me my jamper dude
by Christopher John Roussel September 18, 2008
A genuine mistake caused by mass consumption of Cannabis slurring the vocabulary
Whilst very high at a Drag Racing show, I was rather chilli so asked my pal Nool to please 'pass me my jamper'
by Christopher John Roussel August 08, 2008

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