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A lovely set of cup-size D or larger breasts that cause a man to go agape and stupefied from a tremendous hormonal rush. Usually said at slow pace in deep reverence and awe.
Sam: "Yeah, so I fucked up my bio midterm an-- {gaze wanders} ooh Jah-MONG-ah..."
Kevin: "Hey yo, Snap out of it. What you lookin?... oh yes... daddy like doz."
Sam: {Whistfully} ...Jamonga....
by MrRowe March 27, 2008
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The act of someone being huge but being a total numb nuts....aka retard.
1.Damn Ivan is such a jamonga.
2.Holy crap Marcano is acting like a jamonga.
by Andizzle Marizzle January 06, 2005

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