Used to describe someone who is always on their period.
That Mary is a right jammy dodger, always missing things cos she's too busy jammin.
by Chris Patsy March 10, 2008
Top Definition
1) A small round biscuit with Jam inside it (alwasy best 2 eat a whole pack at a time!)
2) A nickname for someone with the name Jasmine, James, Jamie, Jason or any other similar in nature
3) Someone whose ver very lcuky!!
1) Yummy!!
2) Hey Jammy Dodger (JD), wanna grab a coffee?
3)You JAMMY DODGER!! (thats how we say it down in the south!! lol)
by Jasmine (Jammy Dodger) June 09, 2005
1. someone who has great fortune in avoiding bad things, often to the dismay and envy of others. Often replaced for 'Jammy Git'

2. someone born with ridiculously good looks and personality, and who is TOTALLY mittens and doesn't realise it!!

3. A round biscuit/jam combination, who i love the makers for.

2. You're such a jammy dodger. :)

3. Hand me over that jammy dodger, NOW!!
by JeSuisSteph March 27, 2008
When having sex with a woman who is on her period u have to dodge the 'jammy' vagina and slip it into the asshole.
Dude i totally gave this chic a jammy dodger last night
by pwiznay June 25, 2009
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