Casually playing an instrument(usually a guitar) with another person.
I want to have a jammin session with Jimi Hendrix.
by Jibi Hendrix April 02, 2005
Pretty much the new "Ballin'" same meaning
"we were jammin' the other day, it was mad cool"
by Jets to Uganda April 21, 2007
Jammin (v.):

1. Continuing to have sex after coming.
2. Having sex despite also having a less-than-hard on.
"I'm pretty sure she has delayed orgasm, because I lasted almost an hour and still came before her, so I just kept jammin for another 20 minutes."

A: "I know for a fact that that 83 year old guy has ED, and yet he continues his porn career without the aid of Viagra or Cialis. How does he do it?"

B: "Dude, he jams those teens like crazy"
by Yar! A pirate! October 23, 2010
To wear something and look cool doing it.
Look at Johnny jammin' those Oakleys!
by Squat Sack November 07, 2010
another word for cool or awesome or nice
"yeh, i went snowboarding on holiday"
"omg thats jammin"
by kimberly =] :) March 01, 2009
To stink excessively or to have a smell of shit on your body
Damn, they aint wash our socks...dem bitches jammin!
by RHSNTHSSlang January 03, 2010
in reference to a girl when she is on her period
x: can we have sex tonight?
y: no sorry i'm jammin'
by snowboard girl February 20, 2009
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