selling alot of, movin alot,selling out
yo i just did $2000 out here its jammin
#sellin out #gettin pape #r gettin money #making money #making alot of money
by mani 1900 February 09, 2008
An awesome event
"That was a jammin good time."
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
when a place is very busy; lots of people around
on opening day, the theater was jammin
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
dancing real hard
Man that fool was Jammin.
by Jennifer October 03, 2003
(V) To sell drugs. Word commonly used in Baltimore
Yo the boyz got me while I was jammin up top
by Jazzy Pooh June 29, 2005
kakin up the desert on a YZ-250F.
like pickles and frigget
by mateo January 05, 2004
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