An action involving tea-bagging toilet water whilst simultaneously wanking and talking to your mother on the phone
Person 1: dude why was your mum screaming at you last night?
Person 2: she caught me doing a jamil when she called, i got in so much trouble
by Tupolistic4 May 06, 2013
Top Definition
Arabic for "beautiful", can be used as a name although rare.
that's so 'jamil'.
by HRpuffnstuff8 February 07, 2010
Arabic for beautiful. Can be used for a name.
my cousins name is jamil.
by blue tiger 4ever October 10, 2011
when repeatedly fucking mothers of which he does not know. intelligent and very muscular. all the chicks dig him. and if messed with, he will strike back by saying that he will rap his limp penis around your neck exactly 17 times. Is mostly found in Canada fuarking amazing personality.
girl:omg thanks for last night.
Guy:thanks to the book about Jamil
by SMFleon December 06, 2013
Often a creature of the night, rarely see's the light of day, not the most sociable of species. Normally fairly short but with an aggressive nature, prone to be smaller than the average human. However don't be fooled by his small stature the Jamil can be feisty and tends to bite if threatened or put into a corner.
"hey man why are you being so anti social and angry, your such a Jamil!"
by Gene Van Bingles November 09, 2011
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