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Jamie: A really caring person. Who will ALWAYS have your back if needed. She forgives. But never forgets. She'll cheer up when your down. She's just a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. She's silly, but lovable. If you know a Jamie you're one lucky person.
Girl-He broke up with me..
Jamie-Where's my baseball bat?
by SomoneMysterious December 19, 2010
the hottest and sweetest girl of all time ^_^
damn did you see Jamie yesterday.?
yeah i did Oh Baby!~
by Ftfkoolaid May 08, 2010
a really big boner
Dude, that girl gave me a jamie
by Jessica5t1656 January 17, 2009
A very lovely boy, who is perfect in all ways. very loyal to his family and friends and would do anything to protect them. Very handsome and brave. wonderful company and has a great laugh. Loves to make people laugh too. eyes which melt your heart
Natelie: Who is that lovely boy
Winda: That's to new boy Jamie - he's marvelous completely stunning and he's a nice person too
by smileplease June 02, 2010
coolest person ever.a best friend and just the cutest kid ever."hes mine forever"
to be a jamie to have to have the following:
-have to be extremly adorable
-sweet as fuhk
-& amazing
by omgf May 01, 2009
A beautiful angelic women. As fertile as a horse. You will want to have intercourse with her. Very pleasurable. But she is not to be mistaken for a whore, shes not like your mother. She loves to be loved and the thought of traveling. An instant boner arises when near her very prescense. The kindess and lighthearted banter of a Jamie will only bring you peace and harmony in life and love and sex. Definatly Sex.
Guy1- Dude I can see your Boner!!
Guy2- Yeah I know Jamie just passed.
by Littleslut.aka.semendumpster June 22, 2010
super hot and adorable with an incredibly perfect butt
I wish I had Jamie's butt!
by stfufu May 13, 2011