Probably one of the only actors nowadays that actually is smart, not only is he sexy as fuck; He is also a great writer, teacher, and award winning actor. Hottest man around for sure
Stacy: Did you read james franco's new book actors anonymous? I didn't know he was that smart!

Kelly: Of course I have and obviously he's smart! He even teaches at UCLA

Stacy: Damn I could not concentrate with such a hot teacher
#smart #sexy #hot #writer #actor
by francogirl February 23, 2014
(v)(adv) The term for when you're desperately trying to refresh your Instagram feed but James Franco remains on top.
"I wanted to see hot pics of Ben Fama, but my insta totally James Franco'd"

"Fuck, my insta is James Francoing all day today."
#franco #instajammer #instalife #jems franko #instagram jam
by DonaldBarthelme August 26, 2014
King of trolls.
Did you see James Franco at the Oscars last week? What an IRL troll.
#james franco #james dean #troll #king of trolls #oscars #dave franco #i love him
by dpeavro March 01, 2011
a gorgeous actor who is practically a GOD. he is only allowed to be loved by kelly and brittany. all else who dare to even look at him will risk the consequences of death.
Slag-"oh, i love james franco!"
kelly and brittany-"what the?! *slaps slag*"
#james #franco #dean #spiderman #osborn
by kellyrulestheplanet October 21, 2008
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