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Someone who trolls offline.
IRL troll: You know, I really think Hitler had it right.

Person: ....

IRL troll: No, really. I mean, those Jews had it coming. Stickin' their abnormally large noses into things they shouldn't have.

Person: ...
(Removed due to obscenities.)
by bree-marie September 21, 2010
An action taken offline in the real world to ridicule, humiliate, or otherwise prank someone to cause extreme embarrassment or problems.
1) He thought it was funny to troll and threaten me online so I am going to his house tonight to perform an IRL Troll.

2) Watch out that guy is an IRL troll. He once filled my drawer with styrofoam peanuts.
by clownsec December 17, 2014
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