A person that is kick-ass at the drums.
Man, that Jakub is really kick-ass at the drums!
by Megan January 22, 2004
Top Definition
Some say is the coolest guy in the Universe.
That Jakub is one hot sexy guy.
by Jakub January 20, 2004
A really super cool Solon guy
That jakub is really cool
by Navan January 18, 2004
v. To succeed in a task or event simply by pure, dumb luck.
Dude! I totally jakubed my english exam!
by zombiequeen January 23, 2009
The cool kid that can make his contacts land right in the container when sitting up right at the lunch table in study hall, freshman year!
Man, that cool Jakub sure knows what he's doing!
by Missy May 24, 2004
A polish guy who always wears the same black Woolley hat, even when he is indoors.Some say that he is immune to overheating!!!
Girl 1:I have a really embarrassing haircut.what should I do?
Girl 2: just do a jakub
by Wisewisdom January 23, 2014
The dumbest boy in the planet!
He also a duck!
oooh did you see that duck?
- no, that's actually jakub lol
small- penis too
by urbutthole April 09, 2011
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