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SEXY. zld;iktbeksujrhntuijmoytopu Usually leaves girls speechless. Seriously. No words describe the sexyness of this hot motha trucka... DO ME
Look at that face....he is sucha jakson. DO ME.
by Chissah May 22, 2010
A word taken from the name of the earth mammal the donkey A.K.A the Jack-ass. This name is one used to make fun of a red headed fuck-tard who thinks he knows everything. If you ever come in contact with a Jakson do not try to capture, call the cops. If a Jakson ever gets to close then scream out fire crotch over and over again until it cries and waits for its mommy.
Dude....Look....there is a Jakson...

by Flying Pigglets and ponies June 22, 2010

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