A male human with impeccable style and irresistible charm. Typically most Jakobe's are self sufficient, successful and posses a undeniable sense of humor.

In the wild, a Jakobe can be found surrounded by young attractive human females.

Although shy and reclusive at times, the Jakobe easily becomes center of attention. Experts have attributed this to the Jakobe releasing a natural pheromone that encourages females to be receptive and males to become relaxed.

This allows the Jakobe to overtake almost any social or professional environment easily.
That Jakobe is an awesome guy, I wish he was my dad, brother, best friend, lover or boss.
by J. Tiberious Kirk September 13, 2011
a male, who is unable to spell words, never knows when he's wrong or right, says rude things to people he doesn't even know. Very iggnorant.
"That jakobe is a jerk"
by corona pacifica February 08, 2010

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