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An amazing friend who will always be there for you, whether your low or happy. He loves to laugh, he's extremely athletic, cute in every single way. Humble, not caught up by what everybody else is doing. Has good manners, comes from a good family. Jakobs are awesome, and differ from Jacobs. They always are nice to everyone, do not judge, and an all around good person. Anyone lucky enough to know a Jakob is blessed, especially one in particular.
He's such a Jakob. I wish I was as cool as him.
by ILUVYOUJAKOB September 29, 2011
A self-proclaimed "Greatest Man That Ever Lived". While self-proclaimed, a Jakob will have done much to prove it to the world, such as pimping on every woman on the planet, being selected to breed with two ladies (in a church youth group no less), and surviving being molested by an army of 12-13 year old girls going through puberty.

One cannot be described as a Jakob without first paddling more than 10 miles on an elliptical, hitting the floor and doing 10,000 crunches, turning over and doing 333 push-ups, and then taking a girl and performing The Jakob Effect (Full Nelson into a Side Effect) on her through three burning tables and onto an elliptical below her, but not before giving her a Cross Bomb from atop a nearby Stairmaster.

A Jakob is not a gentleman; HE WILL cum in your mouth.
"I am Jakob, hear me roar!"
by ZB3000 January 13, 2010
I could leave this definition at just 'perfect' and that'd be okay, but it just doesn't seem to be enough. Jakob is an amazing guy who could brighten your whole day just by him smiling at you. Any girl would be lucky to have him around. He's the biggest sweetheart you could meet and will always be there for you. Jakob has this wonderful way of making everything okay when nothing seems right. Jakob is so caring, handsome, kind, and thoughtful. It's hard to not love him. You'll never be bored around him because he always keeps people laughing and smiling. Every moment with him makes unforgettable memories. You'll hope for millions more, too. Jakob is the most flawless and stunning boy you could meet in and you'll never want to lose him. I sure don't He's my sweet perfection.
Jakob is perfect.
by a.p.s November 01, 2012
Jakobs are rather mysterious creatures with a rather mysterious and distinct smell. If you come across a Jakob who has recently drank V8 or eaten peanuts, prepare for odorization.
"You smell like a total Jakob."

"Watch out, he smells like a Jakob."
by poopadoopadoo December 07, 2011
a fat whore
person A: "he is gross"

person B: "i know ... he's a jakob"
by hshdfasdfasasfadflsadflsfklsd April 18, 2013
A whore-mongrel who likes chicken
Your mom is a Jakob...
by Legion of Chicken September 28, 2008
a wanna be dakota. follows in dakotas footsteps and steals his skinny jeans

doesnt have any idea what hes doing ever

usually seen on the sidewalk

a major pimp but has tiny cock
omg look at that jakob

hes such a jakob

son of a jakob
by oj the prince of poodle August 18, 2008