Jakob's are rare and rather disginguished group from the Jacob's. Often mixed up, these two are completely different. Because of their name you know they come from an artistic or at the very least different family.

Jakob's are usually artistic in some form, usually one of their own or one they don't see often. Not easily motivated and rather lazy. Usually gothic and very popular among the goths.

Their relationship with other social groups may vary, as they tend to judge person by person. They have been knows to dabble from group to group with the noted exception of preps, as they are usually unintelligent. He is a good judge of character and knows who rocks, who sucks, and who sucks the cock.

They absolutely hate the inexcusable unintelligence of people. If they are stupid in a form that is not accepted and something they should be knowledgeable of at such an age, such as common sence or not understanding of the simplist of subjects. They themselves tend to think ahead often too much. Surprisingly average at chess.

Jakob's appearences vary quite a bit, and tend to attract one type of person constantly. This type of person changes with each Jakob of course. They tend to be sauve when they try to be, until meeting someone that they wish to date, as opposed to someone wanting to date them. Mutual feelings bring them back in their "comfort zone".
Differences of Jacob and Jakob
Jacob: That weird kid in the corner who doesn't talk much.
Jakob: The cool kid in the dark corner who talks only when necesarry.
by Jayke_Obe September 10, 2008
Top Definition
Jakob is an awesome name, for awesome people. Its arameic, and means "Follower of god" but few Jakob`s are religious. A Jakob has the ability to be serious and funny at the same time, and if you want a shoulder to cry on, go find a Jakob. Jakob`s are funny, kind, smart-dressed, intelligent, streetsmart, and a Bro to count on. Hell take the fat girl home, so you can get laid with her sexy friend. A Jakob is abit weird, but in a cool way. Imagine a Hipster Barney, with the brain of Stephen Hawking, and the swag of T.I. and the wit of Christopher Hitchens, and there you have it.
" Dude, I hung out woth Jakob last night, he is just as awesome as you said."

"Jakob totally owned that douchebag in class the other day, and stole his girlfriend."

"Jakob explained the meaning of life last night, and made me a Nutella Baconsandwich. He is so cool."
by Thebunkable95 September 30, 2011
Jakobs are very mysterious, they don't like to hang with the usual crowd. Very smart but they never do their homework. Jakobs enjoy being secluded, they wouldn't want to waste any of their life around people they can't connect with. Jakobs love horror, films and horror films. Jakobs are hard to figure out. But once you do decipher one, You'll discover just how amazing Jakobs are. Jakobs are the funniest most incredibly passionate, caring, sexy, loving, adoring, kissable, warm hearted, handsome, affectionate, dedicated, deeply understanding, spontaneous, crazy lovers you will have ever known. A Jakob is the kind of guy you couldn't go a day without. You could talk with one for hours and feel like you are the only two people in the world. They stick to their guns and are good at making smart-ass comebacks. Jakobs are some of the creepiest looking guys but still manage to be unbelievably attractive. Long dark curly hair and deep dark brown eyes. Jakobs are endless pits of unspoken emotion. Jakobs tend to have incredible smiles and perfect laughs. You will never forget the first time you see a Jakob smile at you. They can turn you on instantly. They have the ability to love you unconditionally. You've never fallen in love, till you've fallen for a Jakob. Once you're in his arms you'll never want to leave. Once you kiss a Jakob, you'll never want to kiss any other lips but his.
Jakob is such an amazing guy. I couldn't be more in love. Just the way he kisses is unbelievable. There's nobody in the world I'll ever love like I love him.
by Arthur 2 Sheds Jackson December 18, 2012
Caring, Scrumptious, Extremely thoughtful, Eyes you could look into forever, Huge hearted, Selfless, Sexy, Beautiful person inside and out, Most wonderful person to come in contact with.
Jakob are you a Jakobatron?

Man that Jakob is so sniggley!

Jakob is scrumptious!
by Miss PB&J February 17, 2011
The Jakobs are very distinct to Jacobs. If you meet a Jakob, bow down and stab yourself in the face. Jakob stands out in a crowd, especially a crowd of invisible people :P Jakobs are good friends but get kind of out of hand sometimes. They have usually killed 5-10 people by the age of 13, and they are smart but act stupid. They are very nice and hot and when you meet them all you want is to sit there talking to them forever.
Wow, I wish I could go talk to that Jakob some more.
by Bradley Jacobs September 30, 2011
An amazing friend who will always be there for you, whether your low or happy. He loves to laugh, he's extremely athletic, cute in every single way. Humble, not caught up by what everybody else is doing. Has good manners, comes from a good family. Jakobs are awesome, and differ from Jacobs. They always are nice to everyone, do not judge, and an all around good person. Anyone lucky enough to know a Jakob is blessed, especially one in particular.
He's such a Jakob. I wish I was as cool as him.
by ILUVYOUJAKOB September 29, 2011
He's the most amazing guy found! He's so sweet, kind and gives the best bloody hugs ever! Every one loves him and not just because he's hot shit. He's really trust-worthy and a best friend for life type of guy.
Girls: Oh my god, Jakob hugged me today and it was so lovely! He's like my best friends and I tell him everything. i love him!
by yoyolololo February 05, 2013
I could leave this definition at just 'perfect' and that'd be okay, but it just doesn't seem to be enough. Jakob is an amazing guy who could brighten your whole day just by him smiling at you. Any girl would be lucky to have him around. He's the biggest sweetheart you could meet and will always be there for you. Jakob has this wonderful way of making everything okay when nothing seems right. Jakob is so caring, handsome, kind, and thoughtful. It's hard to not love him. You'll never be bored around him because he always keeps people laughing and smiling. Every moment with him makes unforgettable memories. You'll hope for millions more, too. Jakob is the most flawless and stunning boy you could meet in and you'll never want to lose him. I sure don't He's my sweet perfection.
Jakob is perfect.
by a.p.s November 01, 2012
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