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Jakeball is a derrogotary term used in the west of scotland
meaning Degenerate Alcoholic.
It is often shortened to "Jake" or "jakey"
When referring to someone in a particulary severe drunken state they can be said to be "Jaked". This does not necessarily mean that they are an alcoholic.
A scruffy man drinking cheap cider at 8am is most likely Jakeball
Some Jakeball was sick on the bus earlier.
I must have been Jaked last night, I cant find my shoes.
Beat it, ya mad Jake.
by glamourfailurezone August 02, 2006
A derogatory term popular amung South Scotland to describe an individual who as a result of extreme alcoholism has became outcast by society.
My friend Sara is such a jakeball she chugged 7 black russians and dry humped the Buckingham Palace gates. What an embarassment.
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by JuicyOliwia69 May 14, 2016
Jakeball is a derrogotary term used in scotland to refer to a chronic alcoholic. For example some old guy drinking cheap cider at half past eight in the morning is most likely a Jakeball. This phrase is often shortened to "Jakey" or "Jake".

The word "Jake'd" can be used to describe a state of extreme or disgracefull drunkeness in an affectionate way without implying that the drunken person is an alcoholic.
1"I found some Jakeball passed out on my car this morning"
2"my dad is a fucking Jake, the cunt nicked my last cans out of the fridge"
3"I was well Jaked last night, did I leave my shoes at your place?"
4"no I dont have any spare change ya Jakey bastard"
by glamourfailurezone July 31, 2006
The act of cock blocking on all of your friends.
Whoa dude look at that nick boy pullin' a jakeballs
by justcallmejakeballs January 13, 2010
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